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Semi-Custom Cabinet Design Services in Overland Park, KS

Welcome to Premium Cabinet Studio, where your home’s potential is fully realized with our semi-custom cabinet designs. Located in Overland Park, KS, we are a family-owned business that has been part of South Johnson County for over 25 years. We know how important it is to have a space that is functional and looks good. Our wood cabinets arrive at your door fully built and ready to be installed. Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, pantry, or even your basement, our cabinets are designed to fit your unique space.

Choosing us means you get the elegance and customization usually only seen in high-end designs but with the personal touch of a local business. Imagine cooking in a kitchen that feels both cozy and luxurious or storing your essentials in a beautifully organized pantry. Our designs aren’t just about looks; they’re about making your daily life better. Plus, having everything delivered right to your home or job site makes the transformation of your space straightforward and stress-free. Let us handle the details so you can enjoy the results.

Your Local Cabinet Design Experts

At Premium Cabinet Studio, we pride ourselves on providing custom solutions that truly fit your lifestyle and budget. Our designs are versatile, meaning they’re perfect not just for your primary home but also for lake houses, businesses, and more. We collaborate with you to make the most of your space and meet your needs.

It’s not only about making things work better—it’s also about crafting a space you’re happy to be in. With our local know-how and focus on quality, we deliver cabinets in Overland Park, KS, that look great and last. You won’t find cookie-cutter solutions here. Each project is treated with the individual care and attention it deserves, reflecting your personal style and enhancing your home’s appeal. From start to finish, our team works hard to turn your ideas into reality. Choose Premium Cabinet Studio and experience the joy of a home that truly reflects who you are.

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Why Choose Us

Wood Cabinets, Fully Built

Our cabinets are crafted from high-quality wood and delivered fully built to your home, ensuring durability and ease of installation without any extra work.

Stress-Free Process

From design consultation to delivery, we handle all aspects of your cabinetry project, making the renovation process smooth and hassle-free for you.

Versatility Across Projects

Our cabinets are ideal for various applications—kitchens, baths, businesses, and more, providing consistent quality and style wherever they’re installed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We encourage you to visit our showroom in Overland Park, or we can provide samples of materials and finishes so you can confidently make your selection.

Yes, our semi-custom approach allows us to design cabinets that efficiently utilize unconventional spaces, ensuring you maximize usability and style.

Unlike RTA cabinets, our products are built from solid wood, arrive fully assembled, and are designed to fit your specific space, providing superior durability and aesthetics.