Measurement Guide

Measurements Matter. . .

  • We get calls weekly asking the price of our cabinets. In order to tell you how much your cabinets will cost, we need measurements.
  • You can download the self-measurement kit or if you have an. idea of your kitchen size that’s a good start.
  • Take into consideration any remodeling. You may gain height if a soffit is being removed.
  • Once we have the rough measurements we will design your kitchen or bath using these ‘rough’ measurements.
  • Print out the self-measurement kit below, fill it out & bring it with you on your first appointment…easy.
  • Not confident in your measuring skills? That’s ok, before we order your cabinets we will come out and take final measurements and adjust as needed.

Self Measurement

Draw a rough sketch of your kitchen or bath. Generally your kitchen will be a U, L or galley style kitchen. It may include an island or peninsula as well.
​ click here to view Types of Kitchens.
  • Measure every wall, beginning from the left corner to the far right corner. Write down the total measurement in inches.
  • Go back and measure from the left corner to the edge of any opening, such as as a window or door.
  • Measure across the opening from outside edge of trim to outside edge of trim.
  • Mark on your sketch, the exact location and size of the sink. Be sure to measure to the center & not the edge. Measure all appliances including stove, refrigerator (including height), microwave, and dishwasher.
  • Measure from the floor to the ceiling.
  • Measure all other walls in kitchen following steps above.